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media coverage

* Dr. Firestein was awarded a 2012 NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Grant.

* Dr. Bonnie Firestein and Dr. Chris Rongo were selected as 2012 Researchers of the Year by the American Heart Foundation of New Jersey


* Rutgers Neuroscientist says Critical Protein Prevents Secondary Damage after Stroke, Rutgers Today Research Highlight
* Working to Improve the Quality of Life for Stroke Survivors, Founders Affiliate Research 2009-2010
* Hillsborough woman doing important research at Rutgers about strokes, Home News Tribune, February 9, 2009
* Treatment for Psychiatric Disorders, WMBC-TV, October 13, 2005
* Snapin: a Protein with Therapy for Autism, WMBC-TV, August 29, 2005
* Brain Connections, ScienCentral News, June 8, 2004
* Wiring the Brain, ScienCentral News, February 24, 2004
* Interview, Davis Rankin Radio Show, February 24, 2004
* Interview, A Touch of Grey Radio Show, February 6, 2004
* Developments to Watch: Innovations, BusinessWeek Magazine, February 2, 2004
* Interview, Ken Hamblin Show, January 22, 2004
* Brain protein discovery may herald 'memory pill',The London Independent, January 19, 2004

lab news

* 2012

Welcome to the lab, Mihir!

Congratulations to Munjin on defending her thesis!

Welcome to the lab Chen and Kate!


* 2011

Welcome to the lab, Ana!

Congratulations to Eric, Chia-Yi, Melinda, and Dani on defending their theses!

Congratulations to Rachel on her honors thesis!

Congratulations to Bonnie for being promoted to PROFESSOR!


* Summer 2010

Welcome to the lab, Kara!

Congratulations to Chris on defending his thesis!

Welcome to the lab, Rachel!


* Summer 2009

Congratulations to Michelle on defending her thesis!


* Spring 2009

Welcome to the lab, Kristina!

* Summer 2008

Congratulations to Jose on defending his thesis!

Good luck to Yangzhou in law school!

Welcome to the lab, Dani and Charles!

* Winter 2008

Congratulations to Norell on defending her thesis! Welcome to the lab!

* Fall 2007

Congratulations to Damien on being awarded a NJCSCR Post-Doctoral Fellowship!

Welcome to the lab Akash!

* Summer 2007

Congratulations to Sim on being accepted to the BA/M.D. Program

Welcome to the lab Chris, Nirali, and Maks!

* Spring 2007

Welcome to the lab, Damien and Penelope!

* Fall 2006

Congratulations to Maxine and Kenyatta for defending their theses!

* Summer 2006

Congratulations to Michelle on being awarded an IGERT fellowship!

Welcome to the lab, Chia-Yi and Melinda!

Welcome to the lab, Sofia, Sim, and Bo!

* Spring 2006

Congratulations to Bonnie on getting TENURE!!!

Congratulations to Chris on finishing his Henry Rutgers Honors Thesis and getting into UPenn Medical School!

The Firstein Lab wins the WMGQ Magic 98.3 Monday Munchies! DJ Manion of Manion in the morning delivers a Baja Fresh Lunch for 12 to our lab!

* Winter 2006

Welcome to the lab, Michelle and Munjin!

Congrats to the Lab for getting our NSF grant renewed!

Congratulations to Courtney and Josh on getting into grad school!

* Fall 2005

Congratulations to Kenyatta for being awarded an NIH NRSA Fellowship!

Congratulations to Jose for being awarded an IGERT Fellowship!

* Summer 2005

Congratulations to Yangzhou for being awarded an American Heart Association Post-Doctoral Fellowship!

Congratulations to Yuval who will be attending Rush Medical School in the Fall and will be getting married in July!

Congratulations to Yangzhou on the birth of his son!

* Spring 2005

Congratulations to Barbara on defending her thesis!

* Winter 2005

Congratulations to Erik on being awarded a PhRMAF Post-Doctoral Fellowship!

* Spring/Summer 2004

Congratulations to Tammy, who will be attending graduate school at UCSD!

* Winter 2003

Congratulations to Ayelet for doing an excellent job defending her Henry Rutgers Honors Thesis!

* Fall 2003

Congratulations to Maxine for doing an excellent job on her orals!

Congratulations to Barbara on doing an excellent job on her orals!

* Summer 2003

Congratulations to Gary on starting graduate school at UT-Houston!

* Spring 2003

Congratulations Gaithri on your excellent thesis defense and for being awarded the Duncan and Nancy MacMillian Award for Research Excellence!

* Winter 2002

Bonnie was interviewed by New Jersey Network News (Channel 13) on Friday, January 4, 2002 and by News 12 New Jersey on January 9, 2002. The New Jersey Star Ledger also interviewed Bonnie about her work. The article was in the January 9, 2002 paper.



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